What we do

What we do

  • We deliver web-based solutions for effective
  • and secure information handling for
  • companies, organizations and governmental
  • institutions in the global market
Our solutions

Our solutions

  • Our solutions are tailor-made to
  • address the key challenges in the
  • corresponding business areas and help
  • organizations to increase the efficiency!
Our products

Our products

  • Our product portfolio consists of
  • world-class software products that
  • can solve different problem areas in the
  • organization and increase the productivity.
Our Services

Our Services

  • Our services goes hand-in-hand with
  • our products & solutions and support
  • our customers regularly and assist in
  • further enhancing the offerings

Welcome to Designtech Solutions -We provide the right solutions for your business


Manage multiple projects with highly collaborative environment, get a birds-eye view of projects, achieve higher resource utilization, handle files & metadata effortlessly and attain better results ...

Manage research projects and have effective multi-organizational collaboration, regularly publish internal and external content, safely manage documents through version-control and achieve great research results …

Collaborate with suppliers and buyers in order to effectively manage the product data, have a centralized system for project management, sharing of drawings & component details and optimal resource utilization ...

Manage projects and resources efficiently, collaborate with teams for better task performance, easy management of CAD files and metadata, work hand-in-hand with the BIM model and successfully execute the projects ...


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