iCoordinator™ OEM

iCoordinator™ OEM is an edition that is aimed at cloud providers of other IT services and who want to use selected parts of iCoordinator's clients (Web, Desktop, Mobile and Web Extension) as part of their own service under their own brand, so-called OEM or White labeling.

For possible feature content, refer to iCoordinator Enterprise. All pricing of iCoordinator OEM takes place according to a quote and after contact with the sales department at Designtech Solutions AB.

iCoordinator™ OEM
addresses you that:

  • Has a web-based system that needs to be supplemented with functionality for document management under its own brand

  • Do not want, can or have time to develop the requested functionality on their own

  • Want to focus on selling and delivering solutions, not the technology behind

Value-adding key features
for iCoordinator™ OEM :

  • White Labeling (OEM) - Available under own brand

  • All clients can be issued under their own brand (OEM)

  • Phone Support

  • Priority response times to cases

  • Template Workspace

  • Possibility of fast cloning of workspaces
  • Labels (metadata)

  • Smart Folders

  • Automatic version control

  • User-level and group-level rights management

  • Document Viewing Online

  • Share file via link

  • Upload files and folders by drag & drop

  • File Annotation

  • API