Woodsafe Timber Protection AB

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB is an industrial processing link between clients and the wood industry with the authority of the EU Commission Building Products Regulation 305/2011 to place wood products with fire-resistant properties in the European market.

Woodsafe concept ALL-IN-ONE consists of premium partners with cutting edge expertise in fireproof wood and wood quality.

CUSTOMER Woodsafe Timber Protection AB
PLACE Västerås, Sweden
INDUSTRY Material Treatment
STATUS Ongoing
PRODUCTS iCoordinator™
Drupal (third party)
SERVICES Implementation
Project Management

Strategy and Solution

During a long-term collaboration, the digital strategy has been developed and modernized in several steps to stay at the forefront of its industry segment. In the latest in the field of IT projects, the strategy has been to further increase customer satisfaction by developing a mobile app for production that facilitates quality assurance of the various stages of production, and provides the customer with continuous feedback on projects through generated reports made available to the customer in a shared environment.

The delivered solution is based on iCoordinator as the basis for document management where customers are given access to generated PDF reports in different workspaces. Through the iCoordinator API, the developed mobile is integrated app to be run by operators at the various stations in production. Designtech has assisted with both a preliminary study and the development of the app. In addition to this, Designtech has been involved in delivering a number of websites in Drupal, where the latest version of the company's web site includes a custom PDF selector that combines an optional mix of the company's various PDFs into a single PDF for the visitor.

Further reading on customer portals:
We have produced a page that highlights 10 reasons to use a customer portal. You can find the page here and it is also possible to download the page as a PDF.

"We have worked with Designtech for many years now and our cooperation has expanded over the years as our needs increased. An important part of the cooperation is that Designtech's consultants understand our operations very well and can thus deliver customized solutions that meet our needs."