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Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions

Are you looking for a solution to manage your files and documents with personal support to all users?
We have the solution.

One relevant question to ask is why it is relevant to talk about a solution for document management instead of choosing a product on the market and just getting started. It can be an alternative for some organizations, but for many, the need extends far beyond a specific product.

If we make a comparison with a house building, then the file management system needs to contain good and appropriate tools, the structure, the files and the metadata form the building material and when everything is in place one may need help to move in or clean out the old house. It is the final living experience in the house that is the solution to the housing need. Correspondingly, a solution for document management fills a greater need than what single, although strong, functions can do.

Below is a brief summary of what can be common ingredients in a solution. Contact us and we will tell you what it could mean for your business.

Solution Key Features

Common Services

A common combination of services for this solution is the training of both key people and larger user groups. This is advantageously based on the result of an implementation package where structure, roles and permissions are determined. Integration with other systems and a customized adaptation of functionality can also be a good complement.

Over 20 years of experience

Designtech has more than 20 years of experience in IT systems and most of the time, an important focus has been to work with the web as a basis for file and document management. We have helped many customers over the years to analyze and determine the best structure for their unique business.

Product mix

Most of our customers choose iCoordinator as a base in a document management solution. This is because of the power of being able to have the files synchronized to their file manager and to combine this with metadata. If signing files is part of the need, Visma Addo can also be included in the mix.

Personal Support

In addition to product support for all users, we offer customized support for demanding situations. One common form for this is that a model for extended support is produced where Designtech can also assist with hands-on help in performing daily practical tasks in the system and also being a hired administrator if desired. Regardless, our support becomes a close and personal part of the solution.

Try our Project- and Document Management Solutions

Designtech Solutions AB is an IT company founded in 1999 with its own products for document and project management. The own products are marketed under the brands iCoordinator and ProjectCoordinator and the company is also a reseller for Visma Addo used for digital signing. Designtech’s customers are found both in private and public sector.