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One of our most popular services where we deliver a turn key solution based on workshop results

Support for the implementation of iCoordinator and ProjectCoordinator is one of our most popular and value-added services over the years.

The basic idea of the service is based on the thought of the turn-key house and aims to make "moving in" easier. Implementation is offered in three different levels; Small, Medium and Large.

Implementation Packages

Implementation Package - SMALL

The purpose of the implementation package is to undertake a basic analysis of the intended usage of the iCoordinator during an online session with the customer and to make a basic configuration of the system based on the analysis.

  • Step 1 – Online analysis session together with the customer (approximately 2 hours)
  • Step 2 - Basic setup of the system and configuration of structure, users, groups and permissions

Implementation Package - MEDIUM

The purpose of the implementation package is to define, document and implement how the system can be used and implemented optimally based on the customer's unique conditions. The analysis work is done on site at the customer’s locations

  • Step 1 – Preparation of Workshop
  • Step 2 - Implementation workshop on site at the customer’s locations where our consultant is available during one business day. The aim of the workshop is to analyse how the system will be used and implemented optimally
  • Step 3 - Documentation and approval of workshop result
  • Step 4 - Complete configuration of the system according to Steps 1, 2 and 3
  • Step 5 - Creating a document, Guideline, describing the working methods and functions to be used

Implementation Package - LARGE

The purpose of the implementation package is to tailor an implementation that fits the customer's unique prerequisites. The work effort of our consultants can consist of, for example, conducting workshops, configuration, moving files between systems, developing integration functionality or tailor-made functionality, documentation, etc.

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