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Visma Addo

Visma Addo - Digital signing

Your customers sign digitally, it's easy and saves time for everyone.

Let customers digitally sign documents on their smartphone, tablet or computer. It is simple, smooth and, above all, time-saving for everyone. Visma Addo is the market's leading electronic signing solution, which reduces manual processes and optimizes operations. Therefore, we also have many leading companies as users of our solution.

You no longer need to print documents and send them in the traditional way when they are signed. The recipients will immediately access the documents and can sign them without delay. The process can be done in a few minutes and costs considerably less than sending letters by mail.

Visma Addo is 100% digital distribution, signing and returning of documents. Visma Addo asks for answers that are missing, so that your employees do not have to spend time hunting people who have not responded. Recipients are notified via SMS or e-mail and then open the signature solution. Here they can read, print, save and, of course, sign the documents. The solution can be designed with your logo and name so that the recipients get a consistent experience of your brand.

This is what you get from us:

  • Free test account with 10 credits Try for free
  • Always at least one license of iCoordinator to store your signed documents *
  • Personal consultation and support
  • Off-the-shelf integration to iCoordinator for automatic storage of signed documents
* license for iCoordinator is requested separately after registration of Visma Addo above by contacting us here

Our Special Features

Integration and White labelling

Documents signed with Visma Addo are legally valid on the same terms as if they were printed on paper. Whoever signs up automatically receives a copy of all signed documents so that you do not need to send them afterwards.

Easy Workflows with Labels and Smart Folders

There is much to be gained from sticking to the nationally established digital identification solutions in certain situations. Therefore, Swedish users can safely sign sensitive agreements, such as employment contracts, by signing with the help of BankID. Visma Addo obviously supports this.

Easy file management by upload over email

We can also connect Visma Addo with your existing workflows and production management solutions. Visma Addo offers an API, so the solution can be used as a component in a larger context. Together with our customers, we have used these alternatives to optimize business practices in, for example, the insurance industry. Our business consultants and advisors are at your disposal if you want a dialogue about optimizing business practices with Visma Addo.

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