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Secure Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

Better File Organization and Management

iCoordinator™ is a cloud-based Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for businesses to store, share and synchronize files securely across devices meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of all users.

Often a typical EFSS solution offer the end- users file synchronization, sharing and access. But there is an increasing need from businesses to support enterprise level of permission control, meta data possibilities in organising files with labels and smart folders and emailing of attachments directly to folders.

In order to take advantage of the data available in the existing business systems, businesses are looking for EFSS with integration capabilities.

With the Windows and Mac OS X native integration, iCoordinator™ synchronize all the files securely and automatically between the desktop and the iCoordinator™ web interface folders.

The integration allows users to have the files available offline to work with while they are not connected to Internet and get the files synched automatically the moment they are online again.

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Our Special Features


Integration and White labelling

Are you looking for a document management solution with your own brand for your product or intranet, or perhaps to expand your product portfolio?
Or are any of your existing products in need of adding cloud based document management handling, but you are lacking the time, money and/or skills it takes to develop your it yourself? We have the solution!


Easy Workflows with Labels and Smart Folders

Having the ability to add labels to files and folders and generate different file listing views through Smart folders, iCoordinator™ allow users to easily categorize and organize files.
As the Smart folder acts as the virtual folder, with labelling files can be routed and organized automatically to a designated folder.


Easy file management by upload over email

In order to make the file management easier, iCoordinator™ allows users to add files to a particular Workspace or a folder on the Portal by sending email with attachments. The unique and highly secure email links specific to a user and the folder can be obtained from the iCoordinator™ web interface.

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