Product information

Target Group iCoordinator™ Project

Through good information security and traceability, documents can be shared in a controlled manner between all project partners and previous versions can, if necessary, be downloaded throughout the project's lifetime and deleted documents can be retrieved from the backup via support.

iCoordinator™ Project strengthens collaboration in the project and includes project employees who jointly share information, which provides an inclusive environment, quality-assured documents and helicopter perspective.

With a fixed low monthly cost, it provides a cost overview and facilitates calculability in, for example, budgeting and project applications.

iCoordinator™ Projects is for you as:

  • Need a neutral place where participating companies and organizations can share documents independently of the internal systems of each participant

  • Want a simple calculable cost for the project without thinking about how many users are needed internally or externally

  • Has many and / or large files in the project and needs a generously included storage space


Value-creating key features for iCoordinator™ Project:

  • Automatic version control

  • User-level and group-level rights management

  • Document Viewing Online

  • Share file via link

  • Upload files and folders by drag & drop

  • File Annotation

  • Automatic file locking via web client

  • Possibility to add projects to the same portal


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