Product information

Target Group iCoordinator™ OEM

For possible feature content, refer to iCoordinator Enterprise. All pricing of iCoordinator OEM takes place according to a quote and after contact with the sales department at Designtech Solutions AB.

iCoordinator™ OEM addresses you as:

  • Has a web-based system that needs to be supplemented with functionality for document management under its own brand

  • Do not want, can or have time to develop the requested functionality on their own

  • Want to focus on selling and delivering solutions, not the technology behind


Value-adding key features for iCoordinator™ OEM:

  • White Labeling (OEM) - Available under own brand

  • All clients can be issued under their own brand (OEM)

  • Phone Support

  • Priority response times to cases

  • Template Workspace

  • Possibility of fast cloning of workspaces

  • Labels (metadata)

  • Smart Folders

  • Automatic version control

  • User-level and group-level rights management

  • Document Viewing Online

  • Share file via link

  • Upload files and folders by drag & drop

  • File Annotation

  • API

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