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Target Group iCoordinator™ Customer portal

All that is required is that the customer has an e-mail address to be invited. After acceptance, he can access your version-managed files wherever in the world the customer or supplier is located.

A customer or supplier can choose to subscribe via e-mail to changes in the amount of information shared, which makes it easy to keep up with continuous changes in, for example, price lists, product information or instructions.

iCoordinator™ Customer portal is for you as:

  • Need a separate platform separate from your own IT environment to be able to invite all customers to share files with your company in a controlled and secure way

  • Looking for cost control and want to be able to offer a sharing platform at a fixed low cost

  • Want to avoid requiring your customers to have a user account with one of the global players such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox


Value-creating key features for iCoordinator™ Customer Portal:

  • Template Workspace

  • Possibility of fast cloning of workspaces

  • Labels (metadata)

  • Automatic version control

  • User-level and group-level rights management

  • Document Viewing Online

  • Share file via link

  • Upload files and folders by drag & drop

  • File Annotation

Further reading on customer portals
We have produced a page that highlights 10 reasons to use a customer portal. You can find the page here and it is also possible to download the page as a PDF.

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