Digital signing

A secure solution for signing and storing agreements


In recent years, the interest and need for solutions for digital signing of documents has literally exploded. The general digitalisation trend and the need for decentralized solutions created by the pandemic have driven the development.

Various types of documents such as employment contracts, customer contracts, supplier contracts, annual reports and protocols are increasingly signed digitally, which has created an increased need for the signing and storage process to be carried out in a secure and cost-effective manner. Frequently asked questions are:

  • Can we sign B2B documents with BankID?
  • What do we do with the documents when they are signed and are to be stored for a long time?
  • Do we have to pay for everyone who will use the signing solution?


What does secure signing and storing documents mean?

The word secure obviously means different things to different people, but when it comes to the actual signing of files, our experience is that most people strive for security on a par with other e-services that you are used to using in society. This also means that one expects, and wants to use, the method that is most accepted, i.e. BankID.

With Visma Addo, it is quick and easy to sign your employment agreements, customer agreements, supplier agreements, annual reports and minutes with BankID. All parties can access an ID number for each person's signing in the signed PDF files that are sent out. The signature can also be verified if necessary.

Once the documents have been signed, there is often a need for the signed documents to be stored securely with version management and to be accessible by all concerned over time with a powerful access control. This is where the iCoordinator document management system comes into play.

With iCoordinator as the basis for file management, all signed documents from Visma Addo can be automatically stored in iCoordinator when the signing is complete.

This is what you need

To create a secure solution for signing and storing agreements, Designtech offers a combination solution of the signing solution Visma Addo and iCoordinator.

Visma Addo is offered in three different basic subscriptions: Basic, Standard and Premium. Within these, the consumption of credits needed for the volume of documents that need to be signed per month is purchased. The credits are a kind of stamp used to pay for each signing. A huge advantage of this system is that there are no costs associated with different users, but anyone who needs to sign documents can be uploaded as a user.

For the Standard and Premium subscriptions, Designtech provides with the edition iCoordinator Customer Portal with 3 and 10 internal users and a free number of external users to share files with their customers, suppliers and partners.

We can help you

Contact us at Designtech and we will show you the different products and how they work together. We can also help you try the solution in its entirety free of charge if you wish.

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About Visma Addo

Visma Addo is a Scandinavian-developed solution that offers the highest security in technology, identification, legal validity and processing of personal data in accordance with current legislation. Visma Addo's cloud services are operated in Scandinavian data centers.

Supported signing methods include: OK button, touch screen, approved, BankID, Norwegian BankID, NemnID, Tupas, SITHS, Vidua and Freja.

About iCoordinator

iCoordinator ™ is a cloud-based solution from Designtech Solutions for secure storage and easy document sharing for organizations, companies and projects that meet different users requirements for collaboration and mobile access with the option of powerful access control, document viewing and subscription to changes.

About Designtech Solutions AB

Designtech Solutions AB is an IT company founded in 1999 with its own products for document and project management. The own products are under the brands iCoordinator and ProjectCoordinator and we are also a reseller of Visma Addo for digital signing. Our customers are found in both the private and public sectors.

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