How to send newsletters in HubSpot

Today, newsletters are often a key component in a strategy for communication and marketing. With regular mailings, you get a good opportunity to get close to your target group and can maintain continuous contact with it. In HubSpot, you can easily design your layout and write the newsletter directly in the system.

1. Determine the recipient

With HubSpot, you have full control over all your contacts - leads as customers, because they are stored as contacts in the system and not in different files. The list function helps you to create specific lists where you can gather the target group of contacts that the newsletter is aimed at. The transfer of contacts to HubSpot can easily be done by importing Excel lists.

2. Design your newsletter

From HubSpot's extensive template library, you choose a suitable template to start from. The content of the newsletter is built of different blocks of modules that you can easily place by using drag-and-drop. Press on the selected block to fill it with your own content. You get a quick overview of the letter's layout, amount of text and placement of graphic elements. Let your creativity flow!

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3. Send and follow up how the letter is received

Under the "Settings" tab, fill in a subject line with the title of the letter, the name of the sender, language and a preview text for the email.

When the letter is finished, you can make one or many test mailings to, for example, your own email address to see how your newsletter looks like when it lands in the recipient's inbox. If it seems to be in order, it's time to send or schedule your newsletter.

Choose from your lists of contacts to whom the newsletter should be sent. Then you can either send the letter directly or schedule the mailing to a specific date and time. At the top to the right is the "Review and send" button, press it to send the letter.

HubSpot's built-in analysis and reporting panels continuously show the newsletters statistics. The overview of the recipients' actions makes it easier to understand what works for your customers and what does not. Use that information to evaluate and change your strategy when going forward.

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