Designtech Product Data Management Solution


Designtech Product Data Management Solution (PDM) assists companies related to manufacturing of components and equipment (suppliers) and companies using (buying) these components and equipment to perform design and construction of plants, offshore platforms, ships, submarines and buildings to plan their projects, help in design and pre-production planning, effective resource planning, production task management, progress management and tracking.

One of the key challenges in any manufacturing or construction project is the effective coordination and collaboration within and between manufacturing and construction companies and resources that are associated at the various stages of the project. Designtech’s product data management solutions assists companies to streamline their processes and include advanced functions to handle, exchange and view graphical 2D/3D data models (for manufacturing, installation or maintenance) used in various CAD-systems design.   

With Designtech Product Data management Solution (PDM) suppliers can have dedicated area for each of the companies they are supplying the components. This enables suppliers to submit the project related drawings, documents, component details and project status updates very specific to a particular manufacturer avoiding errors while handing the data belongs to multiple manufacturers. Manufacturers can always get the latest information from the supplier and communicate back to them using the same medium. With features like metadata and smart folders, suppliers as well as manufactures can have specific views and folders with information/files that are attached with specific keywords or tags making the information flow easier and effective.

With an integrated system which is capable of handling collaboration, project planning, resource allocation and utilization, task management and regular monitoring, Designtech product data management solution assists component and equipment suppliers, plant builders, offshore builders, shipyards and construction companies to remove the major bottle necks and ensure delivery of projects in time with lower production cost and higher quality. By providing regular feedback on the resource utilization and task status in various stages, it allows project managers to optimize the production process and have a shorter project lead-time.

Combining with Designtech’s experience in the software development arena and support capabilities, customers will have the option to further extend the solution and integrate it with other systems or look for customization specific to their requirements.  In order to ensure data security of the web-based solution the servers are hosted in Sweden.




  • Support through phone and email
  • Integration services that allows the solution to connect with other systems
  • Training services
  • Customization services that can be done based on customer requirements
  • Add-on features specific to customer needs


  • Smoother and effective communication between the manufacturing companies and the suppliers
  • Error free handing of information
  • View drawings and other related documents easily
  • Effective project and activity management
  • Better resource utilization
  • Notifications and alerts resulting better workflow and accountability
  • Accurate and effective time tracking and management on different activities
  • On time delivery and optimization of production process
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