Research Management Solution


Designtech Research management solution is aimed at organizations and universities that are focusing on research projects such as a European commission project that run over the years with participants from across the globe.

In these projects, coordinating everyone in order to produce clearly defined research findings and results will have many challenges. Effective coordination between the different researches groups for a smooth execution of the projects and passing accurate information between these groups regularly is very important. Security of information and managing documents and files related to the project in a secure way plays a vital role. It is also important to have own workspace for each groups as well as a common space for communication and publishing their findings. Organizing meetings on a regular basis and capturing the time spend on different activities within the project is essential in these research projects. In order to provide the details about the project and related activities internal as well as external, effective communication platform like a website or newsletter is essential with the possibility to update it on a regular basis.  

In order to address these challenges Designtech research management solution has combined its flagship product iCoordinator as well as the Drupal content management system. iCoordinator enables organizations to do their online collaboration effectively and comes with different areas such as project management, resource management, document management, cost management, time tracking and contact management. Whereas Drupal web content management system assists in having external as well as internal websites with tailor-made features based on individual project requirement.

In order to ensure the security of the content hosted, Designtech project management solution is hosted on servers that are located within Sweden in a highly secured environment. With many years of experience of software development with iCoordinator and Drupal, the solution can be tailor-made to suite the customer needs. Additional services like development of report submission forms, newsletter management, social media channels, internal software access area or training area etc. also could be availed.

With the tight integration between iCoordinator and Drupal combined with great support and service, Designtech research management solution can be the ideal choice for research organizations to collaborate with partners to achieve the common goal through a safe and secured environment and successfully execute the projects.



  • Support through phone and email
  • Customization services that can be done based on customer requirements
  • Drupal web theme and module development
  • Drupal theme and module customization services
  • Multi-project management site building through a single installation
  • Monthly web maintenance services
  • Add-on features specific to customer needs
  • Integration services that allows the solution to connect with other systems


  • Effective collaboration and communication with project partners
  • Work package based groups and specific areas for easier management
  • Any time, any where work access
  • Efficient management of project related meetings and sharing of information
  • Easy publication of documents on the web as well as on the Intranet site
  • Time tracking of activities through different mediums
  • Integration between iCoordinator and Drupal content management system and single sign-on between systems for easier and faster access
  • Easier content management on the website with WYSIWYG interface
  • Secure hosting on servers based in Sweden and storage of project related files in a central repository
  • Quality support and additional development services from the same solution provider
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