Construction Management Solution


Designtech Construction Management Solution (CMS) assists companies related to building industry to plan their projects, help in pre-production planning, effective resource planning, production task management, progress management and tracking.

One of the key challenges in any construction project is the effective coordination and collaboration between department and resources that are associated at the various stages of the project. While using different systems that are not interconnected and scattered across, the tasks will become tedious and often ends up in resources wasting time and effort by redoing many of the tasks in a later stage. Too much detailed planning at the early stage of the project also could end up in frequent and extensive re-planning.

With an integrated system which is capable of handling collaboration, project planning, resource allocation and utilization, task management and regular monitoring, Designtech construction management solution assists the construction companies to remove the major bottle necks and ensure delivery of projects in time with lower production cost and higher quality. By providing regular feedback on the resource utilization and task status in various stages, it allows project managers to optimize the production process and have a shorter project lead-time.

Combining with Designtech’s experience in the software development arena and support capabilities, customers will have the option to further extend the solution and integrate it with other systems or look for customization specific to their requirements.  In order to ensure data security of the web-based solution the servers are hosted in Sweden. 



  • Support through phone and email
  • Integration services that allows the solution to connect with other systems
  • Training Services
  • Customization services that can be done based on customer requirements
  • Add-on features specific to customer needs


  • Supports coordination and management of shared resources that simplifies the preparatory work.
  • Efficient collaboration between several people working with preparatory activities.
  • By ensuring preparatory activities begin on time, risk for delays is reduced.
  • Through accurate monitoring of deliveries, the risk for deficiencies reduced. This also reduces the need for urgent local purchases and provides cost efficient purchase of materials.
  • All project participants are well informed and prepared prior to meetings making meetings shorter and more productive.
  • Detailed and clear instructions to workers and subcontractors reduce the risk of misunderstandings.
  • With clear view of tasks and allotted working space for workers, less risk of occupying the same working space by two groups at the same time happening each others work.
  • With equipment and materials availability information, it is easier for workers to find equipment and materials that are needed to perform their tasks.
  • Reduce the scope of shortages at the construction site by flexible quality control and monitoring.
  • Helps in creating conditions that could convert unnecessary waiting time into more productive time.
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