Designtech assist the customers with implementation and configuration of project portals based on iCoordinator™. The implementation is performed in the following three phases.

Phase 1 – Preparation (normally one day workshop together with the customer)
The workshop is prepared, conducted and documented (see phase 2 and 3) by a workshop leader from Designtech. The aim with the workshop is to compare how the customers’ needs correspond to the functionality in the project portal, highlight potential risks and to get a clear plan for the remaining work.

Together with the customer, the future use of the project portal is analyzed and decided on, in order to achieve maximal benefit for the customer. The result is documented by Designtech and the customer supplies necessary information for the continued work.

Phase 2 – Execution of implementation
The customer’s project portal is configured based on the results from Phase 1. This work can e.g. contain the following tasks:

  • Creation of room templates
  • Creation of rooms
  • Structuring of the project archive based on results from Phase 1 including upload of existing files
  • Registration of users (populate rooms, group users, assign roles etc.)
  • Invite to the first meeting
  • Fill the project planner with existing activities
  • Initiating the first discussion in the discussion board

Phase 3 – Presentation of configuration
Based on the results from Phase 1 and 2, a Guideline is produced in order to assist users in their work with the project portal in accordance with the customer’s unique way of working with projects. With this Guideline, a normal user shall be able to cope with most of the daily project work tasks. The guideline is delivered in PDF format and is uploaded in the Lobby in the project house.

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