SyncroSite™ is a web-based production planning & scheduling software for building & construction businesses for improving the production workflow and workforce efficiency. Syncrosite™ assists organizations to make their production plans, schedule the activities, organize workers  & equipment and to streamline the deliveries. SyncroSite™ helps in planning and production preparation at a suitable time-frame before the production tasks are performed and assist in appointing the skilled workers and sub-contractors to carry out the work. It provides detailed report and statistics in order to fine-tune and improve the performance.

SyncroSite™ assists organizations in some of the core project stages like planning, preparation, execution and follow-up. It allows easy import of plans from conventional production planning products like Plancon, Vico office etc. With the delivery plans in place, the product allows automatic revision of delivery and allotment dates.

As part of the preparation stage, it helps to coordinate and organize the shared resources and ensure that the pre-requisites are in place before actual production starts.

 In the execution stage the pre-planned activities are moved from the preparation stage to the perform stage. The resources including the sub-contractors will get allocated to each the activities with all the necessary information that is needed to perform their allocated tasks. Site managers can view the preparatory tasks they are responsible for and workers and sub-contractors can view the allocated production tasks. The workers can view and printout all required information to perform the task and update the status when task is started or completed, the date and time of completion will be captured automatically by the system.

The follow-up stage allows the monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative data associated with different tasks. It is possible also to compare between the planned and completed production data.

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