ProjectCoordinator®  is a web-based project management and collaboration software that can act as the central nervous system of businesses, enabling them to collaborate easily, manage projects efficiently and achieve higher productivity with the resources. ProjectCoordinator®  assist organizations to manage their projects effectively with high degree of collaboration capabilities.

With ProjectCoordinator® organizations get a real time view of different projects and activities and their time lines that are happening between departments and locations. ProjectCoordinator® helps in having all the projects and related activities in a single place and one can easily create plans, enter the time lines, add the resources and track it based on the progress. With the in-built resource management area, organizations can effectively manage their resources and ensure optimum utilization. If there are costs allocated to activities, it can be easily tracked and have Budgeted Vs Actual analysis enabling you to have a better control of your finances. Keeping track of your activities, resources and expenses on timely manner helps organisation to execute their tasks on time, keep their deliveries efficiently and keep their customers happy.

ProjectCoordinator® improves cross-team communication by centralizing documents, conversations and other activities under one user interface. It comes with in-built briefing board, calendar, meeting organizer, group updates on documents and files, activity updates, views across different projects and activities, documents approval workflow capabilities and more. Based on the user rights, the users will get to see the consolidated view of projects, activities and communications around it.

With main focus on easy collaboration, efficient project management and optimal resource utilization, ProjectCoordinator® helps organizations to achieve their goals and attain higher productivity.

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