Designtech Solutions

Designtech offer solutions that are targeted towards four different area/sectors. These solutions are the result of our years of experience in developing customer-centric software solutions and the services provided around it. 

With addressing specific challenges to the corresponding areas/sectors, Designtech solutions help customers to increase efficiency and productivity in their organizations. 

Designtech Project Management Solution is based on a decade of development experience with our flagship product iCoordinator, which is one of the leading project management and collaboration software in the market. Combined with our project management services customers can get a wholesome project management solution.

Designtech Research Management Solution has been developed based on our experience in offering web-based solutions to manage research project such as European Union projects. The main focus here is on multi-organizational collaboration, communication and document management in order to achieve the results.

Designtech Learning Management Solution is built around our experience in providing Learning Management Solutions to universities. It offers all the necessary ingredients to successfully run online study courses. Combining  Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor with solutions, institutions gets the freedom to run these courses and conduct assessments from anywhere.

Designtech Construction Management Solutions was developed in coordination with partners in the construction industry and based on one of the research projects. This solution offer all the elements that needed by construction companies from the planning stage till the end of the projects.

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