SyncroSite™ is a web-based production planning & scheduling software for building & construction businesses for improving the production workflow and workforce efficiency. Syncrosite™ assists organizations to make their production plans, schedule the activities, organize workers  & equipment and to streamline the deliveries. SyncroSite™ helps in planning and production preparation at a suitable time-frame before the production tasks are performed and assist in appointing the skilled workers and sub-contractors to carry out the work. It provides detailed report and statistics in order to fine-tune and improve the performance.

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BIMcontact™ is a cloud based document management solution for all types of projects and organizations, with a unique IFC viewer, automated document flows, cloud storage and with desktop solutions for local synchronization and possibility to work offline. If you prefer mobile access, you can use one of the clients for iOS or Android.



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iCoordinator™ is a cloud-based Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for businesses to store, share and sync files securely across devices meeting the mobility and collaboration needs of all users.

Visit the iCoordinator site for more details.

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