Our work is the presentation
of our capabilities

Designtech has a long habit of combining different services, often combined with our products, to create a well-functioning complete solution for you as a customer.

Webb design

Based on one of the powerful templates in HubSpot or Drupal, we adapt to you as a customer and are able to create a website, large or small, that fits your needs.

Web development   

Our development team can handle websites in HubSpot and Drupal, product development, integrations and customized systems.

Email marketing  

We help our customers to set up working templates for their e-mail marketing and to set up the structure and flows for the implementation and follow-up.

Search engine optimization  

HubSpot has a powerful built-in support for analyzing SEO improvement measures. We help customers carrying out and implement improvements.

Customer service set-up  

With HubSpot as a tool, we help the customer to set up an administratively functioning customer service with case management via both e-mail and chat.


We analyze your needs during a workshop and then help to implement the current solution based on the decided guidelines.


We provide training for all our products and solutions for both individuals and groups.

Project management  

Designtech has many years of experience in leading different types of projects from a small website to large collaborative projects.