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7 common use cases for customer portals

Customer portals with a file-centric approach are particularly suitable in operations where files are the natural and preferred carrier of information. Let's take a closer look at 7 common application areas within companies and organizations where this is especially common in the exchange of information between customer and supplier.


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1. Business intermediation

The process whereby the selling and buying parties of a company are to find each other is called business intermediation. In this process, it is common for a large amount of documents to be shared between the selling party and interested buyers. The documents are often of a sensitive nature and need to be shared while maintaining full integrity between the interested buyers.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are often characterized by the fact that their customers demand that documents relating to their delivery, project or product be made available in an easy way to the customer. This can be, for example, quality documentation from the manufacturing process, certificates, reports or specifications.

3. Project-intensive collaboration 

Project-intensive collaborations are found in a lot of industries. The construction, civil engineering and real estate industries are among many examples. Documents and drawings need to be exchanged between the project owner and various project participants such as contractors, subcontractors and consultants. Typical documents are drawings, descriptions and project plans.

4. International collaboration

This area of application is common in research organizations, such as universities, and some government agencies. The need usually consists of being able to have a common storage place where all parties can safely share administrative documents with permission control and versioning. Document production is often extremely extensive and often lasts over many years.

5. Bookkeeping and accounting

In bookkeeping and accounting, a large number of supporting documents are handled, such as invoices and contracts. The exchange usually takes place with a large number of customers in parallel, so it is of the utmost importance that integrity can be maintained between customers.

6. Customized products or systems

Tailor-made products or systems refer to products that require tailor-made adaptation, manufacturing or assembly for the unique application of a customer. Here, too, there are many examples, but a clear example could be the delivery of a whole kitchen equipment with cabinets, countertops and machines. A large number of documents, such as drawings, need to be produced and exchanged with the customer both before, during and after the kitchen is in place.

7. Member collaboration

Organizations that are member-based in nature in many cases have a great need to exchange documents with their members. A common example of such an organization is housing societies. The need is partly about board documents that must be made available to all members and partly about handling unique documents for the individual member / member organization.

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