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technical questions about iCoordinator

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Common Questions

  • If you use "email link" (Get e-mail address) for someone external to be able to email documents to a specific folder. Is the "mail link" time-limited, or does it always work and point to the current folder?

    Answer: Yes, it always works and points to the same folder (even if the folder is moved or renamed) as long as the folder is not deleted.

  • If users share a document, how long are the links active? Are they time-limited or do they live as long as the document lives?

    Answer: The link is valid as long as the current sharing level does not change and as long as the document is not deleted.

  • I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

    Answer: At the bottom of the login box at https://apps.icoordinator.com there is a button "Reset password". Click on that button and enter in the field the e-mail address you use to log in, and click on "Send", and a new password will be sent out. If you do not find the email in your inbox, then look in the spam filter/spam folder.

    You can always choose a different password after logging in, you do this under "People-> My profile-> Change password".

  • What is the backup of the content in the portal? Partly if I happen to move/delete files, or if something should happen centrally. Can I reload individual files?

    Answer: Data is backed up every night. But if something should happen to be deleted by users, files and folders end up in the "Trash" on the portal, so they are easy to restore to their original location. The "trash" in the portal is not cleaned automatically, it must be cleaned manually and this reduces the risk that files and folders would not be left there. Regarding re-reading of individual files, it is not a problem to restore these as long as they remain in the backups (we guarantee at least one month's backup time).

  • When I update the Desktop client on my Mac with OS X Mojave, I get a box about security settings. What is it?

    Answer: With Apple's later updates of its operating systems, Mac OS X Mojave introduced stricter management for how applications collaborate with the operating system.

    This also affects iCoordinator in such a way that you as a user of iCoordinators Desktop Client need to approve that it gets the right security setting. You need to enable iCoordinator under "System Settings-> Security and Privacy". You can also contact our support if you need help with this.

  • What security settings in macOS are required to use the iCoordinator Desktop client?
    Click here for a detailed answer!

  • I have cut out and pasted my local sync folder to the "Desktop" on my Windows computer, Now has the Desktop client stopped syncing. Why?

    Answer: Never move or rename the local sync folder "iCoordinator"! It must be under "C:/Users/<username>/" and must be named "iCoordinator" for the Desktop client to function properly. If it is moved manually, turn off the client, move it back and then start the client again.

    If you want to move it, you can use the built-in function "Change sync folder" to move. Read more  about how to: Change sync folder | iCoordinator.