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OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

Are you looking for a document management solution with your own brand for your product or intranet?
We have the solution.

To our knowledge, Designtech is the only supplier that offers an OEM solution of its file and document management platform. What do we mean by OEM, or White Labeling as it is also called? In short, this means that we can produce a version of all or parts of our system for file and document management, iCoordinator, under a completely different brand. This gives great advantages for you as an OEM customer as you do not have to reinvent the wheel but can focus on what you are good at.

Whether it's a business system, CRM, time reporting system or any other type of cloud product that needs a file management solution to complement its functionality, our OEM solution is a very powerful and unique option.

Below is a brief summary of what may be common components in an OEM solution. Contact us and we will tell you what it could mean for your business.

Example of API-calls:
  • Create, update, delete Workspaces
  • Create, update, delete Users
  • Create, update, delete Groups
  • Create, update, delete Permissions
  • Create, update, list content, copy, move, delete, restore Folders
  • Upload, download, update, manage versions, copy, move, delete, restore, lock, share Files
  • Create, update, delete Labels and Smart Folders

Solution Key Features

Common Services

The service delivery in an OEM solution usually consists of initially making the adaptation required by our platform to fit into your brand. This means the server-side API in combination with one or both of the clients for web and mobile. When the system is in production, a maintenance phase begins, in which we continuously update the platform with upcoming functions and changes in dialogue with our OEM partner.

Over 20 years of experience

Designtech has more than 20 years of experience in IT systems and most of the time, an important focus has been to work with the web as a basis for different types of web solutions. We have a broad and high level of expertise in many platforms and languages in our Group.

Product mix

The basis of this solution is our file and document management product iCoordinator. In this solution this consists of server side (API) and/or clients for web and mobile (Android and iOS).

Personal Support

Our support for OEM solutions is always as second line support for our OEM partner because it is the partner who owns and keeps in touch with the end customer. We therefore have a close and personal dialogue with our OEM partners, where one wants to find the best possible solutions for the end customer.

Try our Project- and Document Management Solutions

Designtech Solutions AB is an IT company founded in 1999 with its own products for document and project management. The own products are marketed under the brands iCoordinator and ProjectCoordinator and the company is also a reseller for Visma Addo used for digital signing. Designtech’s customers are found both in private and public sector.