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Our development team can handle product development as well as adaptions, integrations and bespoke systems

At Designtech we have a unique combination of analytical ability and technical expertise that helps the customer to get a solution that gives the possibility to stay one step ahead. In our development, we use our own resources and, if necessary, also a network of strategic partners to deliver solutions to customers in many areas.

A development project normally starts with a specific need for the customer, where Designtech usually takes overall responsibility for project management, development and operation of the developed solution. In this way, the customer has one point of contact, and can focus on defining the need based on his own business. It is then Designtech's responsibility to translate these needs into a technical solution that helps create value and profitability for the customer.

A development assignment often involves some of our own products, but can also be a completely independent solution that is unique to the customer. Such a unique solution usually also involves an operation task as well as a customized support structure.

Because Designtech owns its own products, we also have a unique opportunity to complement the features of the products that solve a specific need in a general way on behalf of the customer. We call this for customer-driven product development. This is a unique opportunity that has greatly contributed to the fact that key customers have stayed with us for many, many years.

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