Project Management Solution


Designtech Project Management Solution assists organizations to manage their projects effectively with high degree of collaboration capabilities and provide all the components that enable the organization to successfully execute their projects time to time. Designtech Project Management solution is built keeping in mind the key aspects such as quick access and creation of project tasks and tracking, anytime anywhere access, easier collaboration, effective resource management, safe a secure hosting service, regular & continues support and future development & extension possibilities.

Combining Designtech’s flagship product iCoordinator and a decade of our experience in software development & related services help us to provide our customers with a solution that is high in quality and sustainable in combination with a reliable service and support.

Managing and tracking different project plans that belongs to different departments or customers, keeping track of budgets and costs, handling different types of resources and materials, communications with the clients and colleagues, sharing project related information in a secure way and generating reports that are accurate and meaningful will be formidable without the assistance from a right solution. Designtech’s project management solution addresses all these issues and help organizations to smoothly execute the projects and related activities. It comes with different areas like project management & planning, document management, resource management, cost management, contact management and time reporting.

While providing a web-based solution that allows anytime, anywhere access, it is important to see that the information is secure and safe. In order to provide a secure environment, apart from the in-built security and role-based access to content, Designtech project management solution is hosted on servers that are located within Sweden in a highly secured environment.

To ensure sustainability and uninterrupted workflow, as a part of the solution Designtech provides regular support that is available through email as well as telephone.

With our experienced development team, extending the solution for additional requirements specific to an organization is easy. It could vary from custom development services, integration with other systems, customer specific feature development or extended service implementation. 

Designtech project management solution takes a holistic approach to your project management needs and support organizations in focusing on their tasks and continuously achieving great results by providing not only a great project management solution but also a service that equally match with it.



  • Support through phone and email
  • Customization services that can be done based on customer requirements
  • Add-on features specific to customer needs
  • Adapt to the increased security requirements by implementing features like two factor authentication
  • Integration services that allows the solution to connect with other systems


  • One stop solution for all your project management needs
  • Easy planning and tracking of activities and projects with a multi-project environment
  • Effective utilization of project related resources
  • Efficient tracking of status and the time spend on activities through different mediums
  • Easy management of content and files through meta data and smart folders
  • Any time, any where work access with high collaboration possibilities
  • Secure hosting on servers based in Sweden and storage of project related files in a central repository and role-based access in order to share them easily with internal as well as external parties.
  • Improved flow and distribution of information through real time alerts and notifications
  • Better control over expenses and manage cash-flow related to project related activities
  • Quality support and additional development services from the same solution provider
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